Black Mesa: Source released

The long awaited fan mod that brings the classic Half Life 1 up to date in the source engine has just been released

While the consensus is that they have largely succeeded in a faithful remake that updates the classic Half Life to more modern visual standards, the game is still a tad buggy in this first release, with frequent lag and stuttering problems. All will probably be smoothed out in subsequent releases.


Left 4 dead fancomic – 20 car pileup achievement

IsisMasshiro’s created another great L4D fancomic for your enjoyment, see more of IsisMasshiro’s work here


Among the sleep

A new game teaser, among the sleep is a fps game where you play a 2 year old toddler in a spooky house. Visit the project page here


Dust 154 – Eve online’s free to play FPS

Spaceship MMO Eve online has recently released a free to play online fps game called Dust 154 for the playstation, which will, interestingly, work in tandem with the EVE online MMO world, in this screenshot for example, you can see a Dust player on the ground requesting an orbital bombardment on an enemy position from a EVE online player in orbit. Interesting!


Call of Duty modern warfare: all cutscenes

Here in one conveniently packed playlist is the entirety of MW3’s cutscenes, in case you can’t be bothered actually playing the game. The difference between watching this and a big budget hollywood movie is extremely thin, testament to the quality and tech level games have arrived at over the years (Not to mention the budgets!!)

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Nyan Cat Gun

Blast your Unreal tournament enemies with this memelicious weapon


Official Hawken Gameplay teaser

Hawken is an upcoming indy FPS mecha combat game, and as this preview teaser shows, the gameplay and graphics look top notch! Let’s hope the game makes it to published status, as this would not be the first spectacular gameplay video that ends up going nowhere…


Mythbusters in game

These guys take the rumours and myths that appear in games and test them out just like the mythbusters TV show. Check out the rocket vaulting at 3:00 or so, it’s a fun stunt.


Outrageous Battlefield 1942 kill

This is just insane. He jumps out of his Zero, falls and fires a missile launcher at the plane following, destroying it, then lands on his plane as it finishes looping. Outrageous.


Controversial scene in Modern warfare 2

This is the famous controversial scene in the new Modern Warfare 2 game where you are undercover with a terrorist group and are brought along on an attack on a civilian airport. To maintain your cover you are expected to fire at unarmed civilians.

This scene is reminiscent of the covert ops episodes in the space sim freespace 2, even unto the intro descriptions, but of course in fs2 you are in a cockpit not “up close and personal” like in this game so the impact is lessened.

Interestingly, the squeamish among you have the option of skipping the scenes you are warned beforehand will contain “morally questionable” elements.