Instant Action

Another entry into the field of 3d browser based game sites, Instant action is a free games portal featuring multiple 3d solo and multiplayer games such as Marble Blast Online, Cyclomites, Think Tanks, and Screw Jumper, with a Tribes-like called Fallen Empire: Legions to be added shortly.

No download required, just a browser!



Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 trailer

Check out another trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, this is apparently set in the recent “superhero civil war” storyline that pit half of the supers against the other half, with Captain America leading one faction that was against registration versus Iron Man who led the pro registration faction.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Signature Series Guide (Bradygames Signature Series)

here are some of the comics this is based on if you’re interested in checking ’em out.


TUKIMI fighters

A free japanese arcade with special power up options, TUKIMI fighters lets you add modules from fallen enemies to your craft to increase your size and powers

How to play


Control your ship and destroy enemies. The ship is destroyed when it is hit by a bullet. The body of the enemy has no collision damage.

You can catch the enemy’s broken piece. Pieces are stuck to your ship and counterattack to enemies. You can also earn the bonus score by keeping many pieces stuck. Stuck pieces are destroyed when they touch a enemy’s bullet.

While holding a slow key, the ship becomes slow and the ship direction is fixed. Stuck pieces are pulled in and you can prevent a crash of them, but the bonus score reduces to one fifth. Enemy’s pieces are not stuck while holding this key.

Download Tukimi fighters!


Arkham Asylum poison Ivy

Another preview of the upcoming Arkham Asylum Batman game, this time featuring plant based villain Poison Ivy. Again they have derivated from previous character designs but the result is still interesting.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance II

Here’s a preview of fan favourite character Deadpool in the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance game.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance (wii)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (ps3)

And some comics if you want to know more about Deadpool, the merc with a mouth

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 2

he also plays a part in the marvel Wolverine animated movie and the live action one, though the fans were not happy at how he was depicted in that one


Meet the spy released!

The latest entry from the Valve software series of mini movies highlighting their Team Fortress 2 characters has been “leaked” (Yeah right!) and you can see it right here right now

This is a good one 🙂


Allegiance – online multiplayer space simulation

Allegiance is a free, online, multi-player space simulation game. You pilot spacecraft, flying in a team with other players, defending and attacking sectors in space. Allegiance challenges your tactical ingenuity, your ability to function in a team and your prowess at blowing stuff up. Experienced players take command and lead their teams to victory or defeat.


Furious Space Action Combat

  • Dodge bullets, missiles and asteroids in a 3D environment. Charge your enemies head-on, or sneak up behind them and kill them when they least expect it. Stunning, colorful effects and explosions intensify the furious combat experience.
  • Defend the honor of one of several unique factions, each of which have unique properties and spacecraft. Choose between different ship and weapon types. Create massive space stations, or captain capital ships. Choose strategically, there is no turning back.

Incredible Multiplayer Experience

  • Break free from predictable wingmen and drone enemies. Allegiance is built from the ground-up to be an evolving, unpredictable challenge with and against other humans.
  • Play a variety of roles like scout, fighter pilot, turret gunner, bomber, capital ship captain, base defender, and commander. Knowing where you are needed most is crucial. Individual, split-second decisions may determine whether you win or lose. Each game and each player’s experience can be unique.
  • Learn on the fly. New players can learn while playing by taking on subordinate, single-action roles.

Strategic Squadron Play

  • Invest in success. Choose to play conquest games, where development and management of crucial resources are keys to your success. Progress through a rich technology tree full of unique weapons like sniper rifles, advanced bases like the deadly shipyard, and specialized spacecraft like the Assault Ship.
  • Communicate with your squad-mates. Features like instant voice-chat make essential communication with your squadron quick and easy. Gather your wingmen and swarm an enemy sector in a sudden, deadly attack.
  • Master the strategy. Any player can access the top-down strategic overview, giving them a full view of what’s going on in the game. This allows would-be commanders to get a bird’s eye perspective of the game and to issue strategic and tactical objectives to teammates and mining/building drones.


Duke Nukem Forever delayed

News has come that the producers of the always upcoming-justwaitalittle longer- Duke Nukem Forever, 3d realms have officially given up the ghost and are closing down. Their publisher Take 2 has decided to cut off their funds after showing admirable patience for a record breaking 12 years of development hell. They still retain copyrights and trademarks so there still is a vague, small chance that there will be another Duke Nukem game in the future. But not from 3d realms, it seems.

Duke Nukem 3D


Stalin Vs. Martians!

Stalin’s got some moves!

Yeah so apparently this is some kind of rts alt history game where you take Stalin’s army and defend yourself from a Martian invasion. Harry Turtledove would love it.

Second Contact (Colonization, Book 1)