iPad Real Racing HD Gameplay

iPad Real Racing HD Gameplay.

I hadn’t previously considered the ipad as a gaming platform, but judging from this video it does have a lot of potential, at least for racing games like this… the whole ipad serves as the steering wheel for a driving simulation, and it seems to work really well using the accelerometers that tell the ipad how it’s being held. It’s too soon to say what other kinds of games will benefit from these features (I don’t think owners want to swing that thing around too freely, they’re expensive!) but it looks like there’s potential.


全日本バーベイタム選手権 | Verbatim Championship

全日本バーベイタム選手権 | Verbatim Championship.

The media monsters battle out in a virtual arena. It’s an ad campaign, sure, but it’s pretty awesome.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Video Game

Never cared much for Scott Pilgrim, personally, but I’ve always loved Paul Robertson’s animations, and it’s great to see them finally being used in a game that lets him flex his creative muscle