what the??

Yes it’s true, thanks to you can now play that lost classic of a game that had nothing whatsoever to do with any other suspiciously similarly named franchise involving chelonians!


Like many people all my knowledge of battletoads comes from a few promotional posters and photos, and I didn’t actually play the game itself. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad, featuring various modes of play and some original bosses (Like the first one, where you fight him through his own POV while he shoots at you)

Of course for most of you the game will just register as the popular message board meme where any question asking to identify a game is answered with “It’s battletoads!” not to mention all the gamestop harassment (It’s a popular game to ask gamestop or similar game stores if they stock battletoads. Obviously, it’s not likely….)

Some people will probably be surprised to hear there actually was a real game. With merchandising and all (The TMNT craze was so huge it made sense to try and cash in. Anyone remember the street sharks? Or the Biker Mice from Mars? Same difference)