Insanely twisted shadow planet!

A cool modern arcade style game available now on Steam


Fleet battle interactive wall game

This is just a tech demo at the moment, but it looks sweet, a wall mounted touchscreen multiplayer battle fleet game, this sort of thing might be what it takes to get game arcades back in business… because I can’t imagine people being able to afford a whole wall TV just yet.


Lose/Lose a game with real consequences

Lose/lose is a straightforwards shmup vertical spaceship game, with a twist. All enemies are procedurally generated from files the game finds in your hard drive, and whenever you destroy one of these enemies with your fire, the file it was based on is deleted permanently as well. The enemies themselves do not attack you and you can only be killed by colliding with them at which point the game itself is erased

More than an actual game to play (Unless you really don’t care about the safety of the stuff on your PC) lose/lose is a concept piece designed to make us question some assumptions and be conscious of the value of the fairly fragile digital media we have in our computer which we are increasingly dependent on

Check out lose/lose here though I wouldn’t advise you try to play it 🙂



WARNING FOREVER is a blazing fast freeware arcade game in which you go straight for the boss fights, with a sharp 180 second time limit. Bosses have multiple growth patterns and final shapes and adapt to your play style and tactics.

Play Warning Forever now!


TUKIMI fighters

A free japanese arcade with special power up options, TUKIMI fighters lets you add modules from fallen enemies to your craft to increase your size and powers

How to play


Control your ship and destroy enemies. The ship is destroyed when it is hit by a bullet. The body of the enemy has no collision damage.

You can catch the enemy’s broken piece. Pieces are stuck to your ship and counterattack to enemies. You can also earn the bonus score by keeping many pieces stuck. Stuck pieces are destroyed when they touch a enemy’s bullet.

While holding a slow key, the ship becomes slow and the ship direction is fixed. Stuck pieces are pulled in and you can prevent a crash of them, but the bonus score reduces to one fifth. Enemy’s pieces are not stuck while holding this key.

Download Tukimi fighters!


War Twat – a polite game with a rude name

Get on board the double decker bus into chaos and battle the twats of war in our critically acclaimed pixellated arena shooter, originally written for Chosen as one of the ten best examples of current indie game design for the Eurogamer Expo 2008, War Twat is an edge of the seat eye melting experience like no other. With game design by Robert Fearon and music by the ever talented Barry Island, War Twat has been met with immense critical reception from the press and players alike


* Incredible pixel graphics – fill the screen with colourful explosions
* Insane Enemies – Fight handbags, busses, aliens and more
* Arcade style sound FX – it’s like being in an 80’s arcade
* Heart pounding music – provided by Barry Island
* Fun for all ages – aside from the name, obviously

Download and play war twat here



Harpooned is a cetacean research simulator, where you play the part of a Japanese research vesse, studying how many Whales you can massacre in a fixed time!


Obviously, this is tongue in cheek – the game is a vertical shooter with a sarcastic ecological message, but it’s certainly fun to play! Go to harpooned’s website and download it to see for yourself.

Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices


The most classic game of all – Space invaders

Space invaders, the absolute grandaddy of all video games, can now be played online, courtesy of

Some history:

Space Invaders was designed and programmed by Toshihiro Nishikado for Taito, Japan in 1978 and remains one of the most popular arcade games ever made.

Space Invaders was originally going to be called something completely different as the aliens were originally soldiers which you had to shoot down. They decided that it was politically unwise to encourage killing humans so changed the people into aliens.

The game was licensed from Taito by Midway for production in the US. In 1980, the game was licensed by Atari for the 2600 game system and was the first arcade game ever adapted for Atari’s home system. The Space Invaders franchise has flourished for more than 20 years and according to Taito, the game has generated more than $500 million in revenues over multiple platforms including coin-op, the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo. It was based on a 8080 CPU, had muffled analog audio, and simulated color by putting a transparent overlay on top of a monochrome display.

Space Invaders was the first arcade game before Pinball Machines and Slots came along to work its way out of seedy conservative adults who were certain the games soured the minds of their youngsters. Residents of Mesquite, Texas pushed the issue all the way to the Supreme Court in their efforts to ban the illicit machines from their Bible-belt community. The game was so amazingly popular in Japan that it caused a coin shortage until the country’s Yen supply was quadrupled. Entire arcades were opened in Japan specifically for this game. Space Inavders was released in Japan for the Super Famicom, to my knowledge its the same thing as Space Invaders for Super Gameboy. Many incidents of juvenile crime surrounded the release of this game. A girl was caught stealing $5000 from her parents and gangs of youths were reported to have robbed grocery stores just so they would have money to play the game.

Space Invaders was followed by several sequels as Space Invaders – Part II, Space Invaders Deluxe, Super Space Invaders 91 (Super Space Invaders has also another name… Majestic Twelve Space Invaders Part IV. Everything is the same as in SSI ’91 except for the title screen. It was released in the US and Japan under this name, and SSI ’91 was only released in Japan under as SSI ’91), Space Invaders DX followed up in 1993 (a modern and 100 percent faithful JAMMA version of Taito’s classic Space Invaders, but with a twist. There are several different games available to choose from: the upright and cocktail versions of the original plus the “colour overlay” versions) and in 1999 Space Invaders attacked once again from Activision.


Gunroar – 360º gun boat shooter

Gunroar is a fast paced forward scrolling arcade game where you control a speedboat with a machine gun and special ray gun weapon fighting hordes of enemies unleashing a true bullet hell against you. The firing mechanism locks the attitude of the boat so you have to remain in the same angle (Though you can move around) while firing, and depressing the fire button allows you to pick up a new heading.

Fast paced, colourful, fun and free! Try it out