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Get rid of the red shapes, while preserving the green ones.


Bit Battalion » gnop

Bit Battalion » gnop.

Simple concept, but I like it – You play pong, but you’re not the bats, you’re the ball!




is a gorgeous looking flash game, a sort of particle simulation puzzle set to music, also available for download on the iphone. A neat way to while away a few minutes, though the music gets tiresome after a while.


Run Jesus Run a.k.a. The 10 Second Gospel

Run Jesus Run a.k.a. The 10 Second Gospel.

Made in 4 days for the Experimental Gameplay Project – theme “10 seconds” is a short (Literally, 10 seconds) browser game made under specific constraints, with retro sprites and a very cheeky attitude to the subject matter (Although not really disrespectful, I don’t think)


Robot Unicorn Attack – A Free Online Flash Game From Adult Swim

Robot Unicorn Attack – A Free Online Flash Game From Adult Swim.

Have you ever wanted to be a robot unicorn dashing through the skies making all your dreams come true? No?

Wow you’re weird. Because veryone is enjoying playing Robot Unicorn Attack on the adult swim website.robotunicorn

The game is reminiscent of Canabalt, a previously reviewed flash game in that you run uncontrollably forward and only have a jump and dash action to avoid or destroy obstacles.

I’m not quite sure what the secret of this game’s success is but people seem charmed by it’s straightforward and unapologetic fabulousness. The 80s soundrack also goes down easy.



You remember all those action movie finales when the hero or heroes run out of the building or evil villain’s lair, right ahead of an explosion, collapse  or other such catastrophe? Well that’s the starting point of Canabalt, a free flash online browser game with only one control, the jump button.

Your dude is in a hurry, and he’s not stopping for anything, so your task is to make sure he jumps over, through and across all the obstacles on his mad dash along the rooftops of his city. A city that, judging by the cleverly made background graphics, seems to be under attack by some sort of alien force of giant mechas and zooming spaceships. In your path you’ll find, aside from normal obstacles such as leaps between buildings, containers  and glass windows, collapsing buildings, unexploded missiles and terrified flocks of birds (Not actually an obstacle, more like ambiance, but they can distract you)

here’s a tip – the non lethal obstacles will help you by slowing your mad dash down a little to more manageable proportions. However two obstacles in a row will probably rob you of too much momentum and you’ll end up plummeting to your death or faceplanting on a window.

Play Canabalt now!

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? The skyline is randomly generated so no two runs of cananbalt will be the same, so there’s no point in trying to learn the jumps, it’s only going to change the next time around.


Ant City

Ever wanted to use a giant magnifying glass to burn people alive like ants?

If you answer yes then there’s probably something very wrong with you, but in any case, you’re in luck since that’s exactly the premise of this little flash minigame, Ant city



Don’t look back


Don’t look back is a free browser based (With download option) platformer from Kongregate games, based loosely on the myth of Orpheus who descended into hades to recover the soul of his deceased wife, however she would return with him as long as he didn’t look back, and if he did this she would fade away.

This is a mercifully short but fiendishly difficult game, you’ll die multiple times per screen as the old style unmerciful traps get you in the back when you least expect it, but with a bit of planning and twitch reflexes you’ll triumph in the end. Conquering hades is all in a day’s work.

Play don’t look back now


Instant Action

Another entry into the field of 3d browser based game sites, Instant action is a free games portal featuring multiple 3d solo and multiplayer games such as Marble Blast Online, Cyclomites, Think Tanks, and Screw Jumper, with a Tribes-like called Fallen Empire: Legions to be added shortly.

No download required, just a browser!



Kids Play Free Games

They do, don’t they? 🙂 This site delivers what it promises, with multiple flash based browser games such as pixel blend, elite forces: Defend (A demon themed tower defense game), doll dressup games and more.

Check out Kids play games