what the??

Yes it’s true, thanks to you can now play that lost classic of a game that had nothing whatsoever to do with any other suspiciously similarly named franchise involving chelonians!


Like many people all my knowledge of battletoads comes from a few promotional posters and photos, and I didn’t actually play the game itself. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad, featuring various modes of play and some original bosses (Like the first one, where you fight him through his own POV while he shoots at you)

Of course for most of you the game will just register as the popular message board meme where any question asking to identify a game is answered with “It’s battletoads!” not to mention all the gamestop harassment (It’s a popular game to ask gamestop or similar game stores if they stock battletoads. Obviously, it’s not likely….)

Some people will probably be surprised to hear there actually was a real game. With merchandising and all (The TMNT craze was so huge it made sense to try and cash in. Anyone remember the street sharks? Or the Biker Mice from Mars? Same difference)


If I see that damn cat one more time..!

Chat Noir is a cute little flash game by


You have to stop the cat from getting out – it’s harder than it looks!


Off Road Velociraptor Safari

The premise of this browser 3d game is simple: You have gone back in time, to harvest velociraptors using your 4×4 jeep, by the simple expedient of running them over then hooking them with a bigass chain that comes out of the back of your car and dragging them over to the time portals. Presumably to feed the fast food joints of the future, much like in the 2000ad comic Flesh

Along the way you can pop wheelies and do all kinds of stunts. Your car is pretty much indestructible even though cosmetic damage does add up and maybe the handling becomes a little harder once you’re banged up.
You miss an option to lose your vehicle and have the raptors turn the tables on their tormentor, maybe in an upcoming version of the game.

The game does ask to download a plugin (unity) before it can be played, but otherwise it’s painless to get smashin’ dinos.  There’s an option to register an username but you can also play as a guest to just get in on the action diretly. Registering lets you keep track of scores and achievements such as stunts and multiple kills.


Coconut challenge!

How good are you at saving coconuts?

Coconut Run basically has you use your browser and build a coconut carrying machine across a variety of dips, hills, and bumps. It’s just like the old classic Phun, only simpler and BROWSER based.

Try it out here


Dino Run

Dino Run is an exciting fast paced retro looking flash game with a simple premise: You are a velociraptor and that damn meteor just crashed, so you have to RUN LIKE HELL to stay ahead of the pyroclastic flow, otherwise you’ll be extinct.

The art is simple, almost atari level blocky sprites in a 2d sidescroll perspective but they perform their job admirably. The world is highly interactive with all kinds of prehistoric animals getting in your dino’s way or (Very rarely) helping him. Stones fall from the sky and explosions rock the ground and if you’re not quick enough the extremely scary avalanche of dust and lava will catch up with you and swallow you up.

This is an excellent game and it also supports multiplayer online racing for extra entertainment, although the solo levels are quite varied and interesting so they’ll keep you playing for a while.

Go play it now!


Aliens boardgame flash adaptation

Courtesy of Newgrounds user Homedrone comes this flash “port” of the old aliens boardgame. Play as the marines in various unforgiving missions based directly on the movie. Escape from the hive, rescue Newt, etc… the game is extremely difficult and lethal, but that makes it more fun, though you’ll probably cry in frustration when an alien drops right on top of your marine just as he was about to reach safety (A couple of hints: The flamethrower doesn’t leave acid splash damage, and aliens on the other side of the board should not be sniped since it’s preferable to leave them there running where you can see them than to have another spawn right on top of you)

Alien Quadrilogy (Alien/ Aliens /Alien 3 /Alien Resurrection)


Toon Crisis

Toon Crisis is a fun fps flash game with an interesting design choice as it is based on a filmed real background. You walk along a real city with cars and pedestrians passing by then suddenly you are attacked by imps and other cartoon antagonists who manifest from background items or even the obhects themselves come alive. It’s a fun and original mechanic, and I bet it saved them from drawing a lot of backgrounds  🙂

Also you shoot lightning bolts from your finger, and as a power up you get to throw up the horns. Maybe in later levels you can get the shocker as a triple shot??  🙂


Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta at Borne Games

Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta at Borne Games

Borne Games in association with Electronic Arts has created a 2d version of the hit parkour simulation game “Mirror’s edge” you can play on your browser. The game is still in beta stage so you can only play a single test level but it seems to be coming along pretty well.

Mirror’s Edge



Whack is a fun little flash game where you use the cursor to beat up a simple cartoon figure, the speed of the cursor determines how much the figure reacts, and there are various animations including a few where he dodges you and makes hand gestures.

Fun way to burn 5 minutes. Unless you’re sadist, in which case I imagine you might be enthralled for hours 🙂




Sony has released a new flash game portal where you can play a huge selection of their games online. You must register to play but it’s free and you get to walk down memory lane playing some of the company’s classics from your PC or laptop.