Left 4 dead fancomic – 20 car pileup achievement

IsisMasshiro’s created another great L4D fancomic for your enjoyment, see more of IsisMasshiro’s work here


Mass effect fanfiction

Ghostdancedeluxe’s femshep has a problem with an overactive imagination that’s creeping out her crewmates.


Mass Effect – Don’t Ingest

Mass Effect Don’t Ingest by *bleedingcrow on deviantART

Mass Effect 2’s interspecies relationships possibilities continue to baffle and surprise players


Massive fanart picture

Apparently some bored russian had a lot of time on his hands… see if you can recognize everyone…


There seem to be some Discworld characters too, no doubt due to the games, and I’m not sure if that multiheaded knight thing is a Monty Python reference…?

Anyway, hours of fun for the bored.

Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!


Left4 Dead fanart


Just a funny sexy fanart I found. If anyone knows the source artist’s site feel free to tell me and I’ll link to it.