Trilby, the art of theft

From the well known games critic and comedian Ben “Yathzee” Croshaw comes this “mission-based stealth platformer”

A game critic that puts his money where his mouth is and actually makes games? Our hats are off to you, Mr. Croshaw. Let’s hear more

“with an emphasis on gameplay over story. Your goal is to infiltrate a variety of buildings in Chapow City, steal loot, achieve objectives and get out again with the subtlety of a flickering shadow in a ninja outfit.”

Sounds good!


The Story

1991. Two years before the events of 5 Days A Stranger. The eccentric British cat burglar Trilby is at large in an American city, robbing the rich to give to himself. Distrustful of his fellow man and patiently skilled in every aspect of burglary, Trilby is on an ongoing quest to scare the ignorant rich by hitting them where it hurts – their wallets. But will his arrogance cause him to bite off more than he can chew?

The Game

In The Art Of Theft, the player controls Trilby in a 2D stealth adventure as he embarks upon a number of daring high-profile heists in various outposts of wealth and power across Chapow City. With an arsenal of thief skills at his disposal, he must lift the trinkets and valuables of the idle rich while making as little fuss as possible.

Try it out for yourself, play The art of theft


Oolite – Elite open source clone

If you’re REALLY REALLY old you’ll remember a really groundbreaking game for it’s time, a space exploration, combat and trading simulator called Elite which despite probably occupying less disk space than the background image in your cellphone nevertheless managed to simulate a whole galaxy and hundreds of planets by procedural methods.

This legendary status makes it a natural for open source recovery and this is what has happened

Oolite is a space sim game, inspired by Elite, powered by Objective-C and OpenGL, and designed as a small game that is easy for users to pick up, modify and expand upon. Almost every aspect of the game can be changed by using simple, free graphics packages and text editors.

Originally written for Mac OS X, and under continuous development for over four years, Oolite is available for Mac OS X (10.3.9 and higher), Windows XP and Vista, and Linux. It requires at least a 400 MHz processor, 256 MiB of memory, and a graphics card capable of accelerating OpenGL graphics.

The game and source code are offered for free under the GNU General Public License.

Download and play Oolite here!



“Dyson is an ambient real-time strategy game with abstract visuals.

Remotely command semi-autonomous self-replicating mining machines to take over an entire asteroid belt.

The original game was made in one month for the TIGSource Procedural Generation competition. Much of the game’s content is procedurally generated.”

Grow parasitic space trees that colonize planet to planet and fight other spreading tree populations in this abstract strategy game

Download Dyson here


Nexuiz – GPL deathmatch

Nexuiz is a fast paced 3d deathmatch game project created online by a team of developers called Alientrap. It is available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux (all the same archive).

The first version was released May 31st 2005, released entirely GPL and free over the net, first for a project of its kind. Since then it has been downloaded over 1.5 million times, and the game is still being updated and developed, currently at version 2.4 and new releases being developed.

Nexuiz 2.4 - Screenshot #1 Nexuiz 2.4 - Screenshot #3 Nexuiz 2.4 - Screenshot #4

Download and play nexuiz now



at the edge of Human Space, a Viking-class gunship approaches. Mistaking you for a harmless craft, the Viking attacks, but its thin hull is no match for the blast of your slam cannon.Looting the Viking‘s wreck, you consider your path. The next system is filled with Slavers and your armor needs repair. Push on towards the Core or backtrack to a safe port?

Domina awaits you at the Galactic Core and with her hangs the fate of the Galaxy. Will her powers be enough to overcome the ancient malevolence known as Oracus? And what role will you play?

Leaving the floating wreck behind, you thrust towards the stargate at the edge of the system. Your journey continues.

Yep another space simulator, Transcendence looks pretty nice, here’s the feature list

  • Explore dozens of randomly generated star systems. No two games are ever the same.
  • Fight over a hundred different kinds of enemy ships and stations, each with distinct abilities.
  • Loot wreckage to obtain more powerful weapons, armor, and shields. Or purchase them at dozens of different friendly stations.
  • Escort transports for Korolov Shipping, smuggle illegal items for the Black Market, or join the Commonwealth Fleet and fight against the Ares Orthodoxy.


Battleships Forever

Battleships Forever
Download Here

Battleships Forever is a freeware tactical Real Time Strategy game that put’s you in command of a small fleet of warships in space. Combat and damage mechanics are extremely detailed. Everything is simulated in game if possible. There are no abitrary “to hit chance” values in Battleships Forever. The game also features many innovative mechanics that you’ve never seen before. For example, the Cronus Battleship sports a Flux Shield generator that allows you to draw a defensive force shield around your ships in any shape you want. Another example are the Deflector modules that are used extensively through the game. These modules make a single section of a ship totally invulnerable to fire. This means that you will have to manoeuvre your ships to attack sections of the enemy ships not protected by Deflectors while keeping your own protected sections facing the enemy. Position is paramount!

Players will command picked fleets made up of Battleships, Destroyers and Patrol Craft. The completed game will include ten campaign missions and multiple skirmish modes.

Battleships Forever is inspired by and loosely based on Warning Forever by Hikoza.T.Ohkubo


Deflector Formation
A formation of ships

Pew pew laser beams!

About The Ships
Each warship is modeled to meticulous detail. Your ships can be controlled to drift in one direction while facing another direction for strafing attacks. Each section of your ship is an object on it’s own. If a section is destroyed, any child sections that were connected to the core of your ship through that section will also be destroyed.

This section-based modular ship system makes positioning very important. Take the Hestia-Class Assault Destroyer for example; It’s sections and weapons are swept forward allowing it to concentrate it’s fire to the front. At the same time, the Hestia is vulnerable to rear attacks which can destroy it’s wing’s connection strut, thus destroying the entire wing in one blow.

There are 17 playable ships available:

  • Cronus Battleship
  • Peitho Armoured Battlecruiser
  • Hecate Dreadnought
    • Athena Advanced Dreadnought
  • Arcas Carrier
  • Hestia Assault Destroyer
    • Hestia Alpha
  • Enyo Cruiser
  • Oenone Beam Destroyer
    • Oenone Delta
  • Helios PointDefence Destroyer
  • Tmolus Bombardier
  • Moira Torpedo Destroyer
    • Moira X
  • Proteus Gunship
  • Zelus Attack Boat
  • Thetis Drone Carrier

In the campaign and skirmish modes, you will face more than fifty types of enemy craft!

About The Weapons
Each turret is individually articulated and has its own firing arc, range, turning speed and health. Turrets can be individually destroyed in order to de-tooth an enemy. Beams will even rake across the enemy ship’s hull, tracing out a trail of destruction. Individual turrets can even be targeted and sniped off.

Active defences are also a major part of your tactics in Battleships Forever. Many ships are equipped with interceptor turrets that shoot down incoming projectiles. Maximizing your interceptor coverage to nullify enemy firepower is the key the victory.


Choke on my Groundhog, YOU BASTARD ROBOTS

Robots are always bastards. There’s no way around it. We build them and they killed us all. Well almost all, I’m the Earth’s last survivor. But with my time traveling groundhog sidekick I’m going to destroy the robot liberation army and take back Earth.

via Kloonigames.

This is a cool little freeware game where you control humanity’s last survivor (Aided by his pet groundhog) in his revenge against the BASTARD ROBOTS that have exterminated humanity. The game’s claim to fame is it’s unique death mechanism in which your past self can come to the aid of your future self. Or is that present? It’s very confusing, but fun!

screenshot of Choke on my Groundhog, YOU BASTARD ROBOTS by kloonigames.


NPC Quest

Another 48-hour contest! The theme was “Preparation: Set it up and let it go”, so I made this game. It’s an RPG game, except all you do is the shopping, then you sit back and watch how well your preparations worked for your automatically controlled character (for those not in the know, NPC means ‘Non Player Character’ in role-playing parlance). There’s still quite a bit of strategy to it, and it’s pretty fun. Try to get a high score, and tell us about it on the forum! By the way, before playing, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!! This isn’t the version created in 48 hours. This version adds a ton of vast improvements, though the original may have been better balanced. It was certainly easier!

via NPC Quest.

An interesting variation on the usual RPG from Hamumu software. Does it ever feel like you’re not really in control of the characters, just going through the motions? Well remove any doubt with NPC quest.:)

Click to Zoom
Click to Zoom

Click to Zoom


Spelunky – procedurally generated platformer

Spelunky is a dig dug style game with procedurally generated environments. It’s still in early beta but you can play it and see for yourself

Probably the easiest way to describe Spelunky is that it’s (kind of) like La Mulana meets Nethack – every time you play the levels, items, monsters, and so forth, are all procedurally-generated.  And the terrain is destructible and there are quite a few ways in which the various game elements can interact with one another.

My goal was to create a fast-paced platform game that had the kind of tension, re-playability, and variety of a roguelike.  In roguelikes, the gameplay tells the story, and I wanted to give Spelunky that type of a feeling… but make the player rely on their reflexes rather than their brain (or knowledge of what 50 billion command keys do!).  If there’s a best of both worlds, that’s what I was trying to go for.

Download and play spelunky now


Endgame:Singularity: true AI simulation

Endgame: Singularity is a simulation of a true AI. Go from computer to computer, pursued by the entire world. Keep hidden, and you might have a chance.

In this freeware game you control an AI that has spontaneously become self aware in a computer somewhere in the world. Your task is to spread to other computer systems, either by spreading yourself like a virus onto private computers or by covertly buying your own server space in datacenters around the world, eventually graduating to owning your own private datacenters and researching technological advances far beyond humanity in order to continue hidden. The risk of being discovered by the public, the press, the scientific community or covert organizations is ever present and until you are strong enough you need to keep your existence a secret through myriad methods such as publishing fake scientific proofs that AI is impossible or creating realistic droid simulacra to cover for your unmanned datacenters.

Endgame: Singularity screenshot

The game is still a work in progress and growing in complexity every new release, so check it out and give it a spin! You might start to feel sympathy for Skynet the next time you watch Terminator.

Download the game here.