Black Mesa: Source released

The long awaited fan mod that brings the classic Half Life 1 up to date in the source engine has just been released

While the consensus is that they have largely succeeded in a faithful remake that updates the classic Half Life to more modern visual standards, the game is still a tad buggy in this first release, with frequent lag and stuttering problems. All will probably be smoothed out in subsequent releases.


Zero friction car madness in GTA IV

A user has tweaked the physics in the GTA world to remove all friction from the car tires. The results are spectacularly hilarious.

Comments Presents: Left 4 Teletubbies by flameknight7

In this L4D mods the zombies have been replaced by something a lot scarier – Teletubbies!!


Oh hai I upgraded your Alix

Mod maker fakefactory released a cinematic mod to half life with allegedly improved graphics. Certainly Alyx’s assets have been noticeably pimped.