Team fortress characters, Kawaii version

As we all know the Japanese have a talent for cuteyfying everything they can lay their hands on, Team Fortress and it’s cartoony (But very masculine) cast of characters are no exception, and here they are presented in cute girly form.

Of course they’re not the only ones to provide altenate versions. Webcomics also get in on the act, here’s Pooh fortress, from Fanboys for example.


Why no Space Marines in movies?

I was just finished playing Halo: Combat Evolved when I started to think of the obvious inspiration in the marines from Aliens. Such space marines have been used multiple times in games, Halo, the Aliens videogames, and many more, but in movies, even Aliens sequels, they seem to have an allergy to heavily armed space military, with the honourable exception of Starship Troopers

Halo and Aliens USCM

Why the hate for Marines, Hollywood?

 Warhammer 40K Battle for Macgragge Starter