Dishonoured 2 live action trailer

Looks like the little princess is all grown up!

An odd choice in today’s world of full CG trailers, Bethesda has released a live action filmed trailer for Dishonoured 2. It’s a tribute to how good the graphics in games have got lately that the game itself will probably not look all that different from this film!

Preorder here if you wish for a chance to play the game a day early:

(You can choose a cheaper edition if you don’t want to buy the bling)


Mirror’s edge Catalyst gameplay trailer

Looking sweet, though it doesn’t look like a prequel with all that flashy tech on screen, now does it?


Mirror’s edge returns!

Faith is back!


OVerwatch, new team shooter from Blizzard

Blizzard is giving their own spin to team fortress with Overwatch, a very slick looking fps team combat game that has wowed people with it’s cool character designs and animation.

You can signup to the open beta here

If you just enjoy the animation, check out the cinematic trailer for some sweet pixar-level animation here


Steam on Linux: Still not quite there yet.

I recently installed ubuntu linux on my PC to give it a test run. And then I remembered there’s now a linux version of the Steam client, so I decided to give it a go also.

The selection of available games is, as expected, not very large, but there’s a good selection of valve’ s own products, portal, team fortress, etc. So I decided to download Team Fortress.

Unfortunately the game crashes suddenly when opening the advanced options menu and drops you to the desktop with no warning or error messages. So… nice idea but the execution is just not there yet.


Depth – sharks vs humans

Cool indy game concept, a multiplayer underwater FPS where you can be the shark or the harpoon wielding diver in a head to head conflict.  The game is still in beta but is slated to be released this year.


The crying PC gamer

Freddiew laments the state of PC gaming.


Minecraft madness

You may have heard about minecraft, the retro 3d sandbox game released by a one-man studio, but you’re probably not aware of just how obsessed people can get building things inside it’s world, check this out


But that’s nothing – this other dude has made an actual 16 bit working computer INSIDE THE GAME

Mind boggling!

Check out the official minecraft site (There’s a playable demo that runs from the browser) but be careful you don’t get too caught up… 🙂


Portal is FREE!?

Portal is FREE!.

YES, it’s true. Free as the air, or is it beer, I can never remember.

For mac or PC, free to download until may 24th!

In the unlikely chance that you don’t actually own it already, go click that link asap!


Digital: A Love Story

Digital: A Love Story.

A retro game based in the “near future” of 1988. A nostalgia blast for those of us who used text based BBS back in the day. I confess I arrived a little late for that, I did use them but via the internet at this point, not by dialing in directly.