Dishonoured 2 live action trailer

Looks like the little princess is all grown up!

An odd choice in today’s world of full CG trailers, Bethesda has released a live action filmed trailer for Dishonoured 2. It’s a tribute to how good the graphics in games have got lately that the game itself will probably not look all that different from this film!

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Red Dead redemption 2 announced!

check out the trailer for the newly announced Red Dead Redemption 2

Looks like this one is going to be a prequel, bringing back many familiar characters from the first game, including of course John Marston

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Titanfall 2 cinematic trailer

Judging from it’s trailer, TitanFall 2 is pulling all the stops when it comes to the single player campaign’s narrative, with a distinctive personality for the player’s Titan Vehicle/companion.



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The last guardian trailer

It’s finally coming out!!

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