Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay trailer


Dishonoured 2 live action trailer

Looks like the little princess is all grown up!

An odd choice in today’s world of full CG trailers, Bethesda has released a live action filmed trailer for Dishonoured 2. It’s a tribute to how good the graphics in games have got lately that the game itself will probably not look all that different from this film!

Preorder here if you wish for a chance to play the game a day early:

(You can choose a cheaper edition if you don’t want to buy the bling)


Mirror’s edge Catalyst gameplay trailer

Looking sweet, though it doesn’t look like a prequel with all that flashy tech on screen, now does it?


Mirror’s edge parkour video

Amazing real life recreation of mirror’s edge gameplay!

And for good measure, here’s the trailer for the long awaited Mirror’s Edge 2 (Actually a prequel)


The last of us trailer

Intriguing trailer for the new upcoming survival horror game from Sony. Judging from it, this will be a much more realistic, gritty affair than the usual zombie/post apoc game.

Of course a trailer is just a trailer – the one for Dead Island was spectacular too, but the game wasn’t all that special.


Starcraft 2: Heart of the swarm

Preview trailer of the new Starcraft game, rendered entirely from the game engine.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty


Tintin Game trailer

The upcoming Tin Tin movie adaptation already has a game version ready for launch, coming soon from Ubisoft


Halo 4 teaser trailer

A short and sweet preview of the next Halo game shown at E3 2011



Portal 2 – the boots

Another portal trailer, this time featuring Chel (?) in second person view, instead of the goofy robots we’ve seen previously. The boots are nothing new, but they seem to have been given a makeover.

After playing mirror’s edge, I always wish for more body awareness on the player’s character in FPS games, it looks like Crysis 2 has some of that, but portal probably will go with the usual “You are a featureless wall walking along”. We can hope the full body awareness will become standard in FPS games in the future.


Dead Island trailer

While it doesn’t give any clues about the gameplay, this trailer for Dead Island makes it look very good indeed!