Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay trailer


Left 4 dead fancomic – 20 car pileup achievement

IsisMasshiro’s created another great L4D fancomic for your enjoyment, see more of IsisMasshiro’s work here


Amy – contamination mechanics

Amy is a new zombie themed game developed by Paul Cuisset, creator of the classic Flashback game, soon to be released on all major platforms.

Reminiscent of Resident Evil 2’s Sherry Birkin escort scenes, this game seems to adress one issue that most zombie games seem to sidestep – protagonists are usually immune to the zombie infection, otherwise you couldn’t allow them to be injured at all by the game enemies. In this case, going against the flow, Cuisset has given us a protagonist who is already infected and has to manage the infection as part of the gameplay OR even use it as camouflage in some cases.


House of the Dead: Overkill

Question: how do you rescue a game franchise from having been subjected to an Uwe Boll adaptation?

Sega had to find the answer to this question for their popular rail shooter zombie franchise, house of the dead, and they seem to have found the answer in those masters of rescuing dying careers, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

No they’re not involved in House of the dead: Overkill, but the influence of their co-authored 2007 gore-masterpiece Grindhouse is pretty clear and blatant (It’s not plagiarism, it’s an homage) directly from the beginning of the trailer.

Trying to make a rail shooter into an actual movie is a trend that seems to have been abandoned ever since they stopped actually filming video with real actors for them as opposed to full 3d, but it looks like the idea has found it’s day in the sun once again.

A must have if you like campy, over the top action movies and gore.House of the Dead: Overkill

House Dead Overkill Hand Cannon Wii

Grindhouse Presents, Planet Terror – Extended and Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition)


Resident Evil 4 cancelled version

And for completeness sake, here’s the unreleased beta version of resident evil 4, featuring a scary assed supernatural enemy called the Hook Man. Apparently this cancelled version would head more into supernatural territory instead of the sci-fi biohazard trappings of the previous RE games, but in the end the change of directions was scrapped and we ended up with the parasitical Plagas instead

Apparently some of the elements of RE4 were incorporated into Devil May Cry, though obviously the hook man was not one of them


Footage from the lost Resident Evil

Resident evil “1.5” is the lost development version of what eventually became resident evil 2, one of the best entries in the series.

The game was apparently almos 80% done when they decided to scrap it and start again. Biker chick Claire Redfield replaced Elza Walker (Another biker chick but one with a more realistic biker outfit – frankly a more practical one when there are zombies about too). The gun store owner who dies at the start of Claire’s arc was apparently going to be a recurring character with more participation. Can’t say I missed him since he was rather creepy.

An interesting view into what could’ve been.

Resident Evil 5


Off Road Velociraptor Safari

The premise of this browser 3d game is simple: You have gone back in time, to harvest velociraptors using your 4×4 jeep, by the simple expedient of running them over then hooking them with a bigass chain that comes out of the back of your car and dragging them over to the time portals. Presumably to feed the fast food joints of the future, much like in the 2000ad comic Flesh

Along the way you can pop wheelies and do all kinds of stunts. Your car is pretty much indestructible even though cosmetic damage does add up and maybe the handling becomes a little harder once you’re banged up.
You miss an option to lose your vehicle and have the raptors turn the tables on their tormentor, maybe in an upcoming version of the game.

The game does ask to download a plugin (unity) before it can be played, but otherwise it’s painless to get smashin’ dinos.  There’s an option to register an username but you can also play as a guest to just get in on the action diretly. Registering lets you keep track of scores and achievements such as stunts and multiple kills.


More L4dead fanart

This time it comes from Japan… 🙂


Happy l4d valentines

Check out some awesome l4d themed Valentines by Alexandra Neonakis

Pretty cool 🙂


Left4 Dead fanart


Just a funny sexy fanart I found. If anyone knows the source artist’s site feel free to tell me and I’ll link to it.