Dino Run

Dino Run is an exciting fast paced retro looking flash game with a simple premise: You are a velociraptor and that damn meteor just crashed, so you have to RUN LIKE HELL to stay ahead of the pyroclastic flow, otherwise you’ll be extinct.

The art is simple, almost atari level blocky sprites in a 2d sidescroll perspective but they perform their job admirably. The world is highly interactive with all kinds of prehistoric animals getting in your dino’s way or (Very rarely) helping him. Stones fall from the sky and explosions rock the ground and if you’re not quick enough the extremely scary avalanche of dust and lava will catch up with you and swallow you up.

This is an excellent game and it also supports multiplayer online racing for extra entertainment, although the solo levels are quite varied and interesting so they’ll keep you playing for a while.

Go play it now!