Fat Princess – Online Rescue the Princess Gameplay

YouTube – Fat Princess – Online Rescue the Princess Gameplay.

Fat princess is a cool little ps3 game with multiplayer options. The offbeat gameplay objective is to steal the rival team’s princess from their castle (While killin’ their dudes) and drag her over to your own to stick her in the dungeon while making sure they don’t steal yours. In order to make the enemies task more difficult you can feed your princess to fatten her up, making her harder to move (Yes really!)

Incidentally, the game had problems in it’s Japanese release, not due to the feeding/fatenning aspects surprisingly enough, but because the character designs feature four fingered hands and this constitutes an obscure social slur on part of the population.  Weird, considering most western toons (Such as the Simpsons, Futurama and practically all classic toons) use 4 fingered hands for convenience.