GLtron Homepage

Remember that movie Tron from the 80s? If you’re not old enough to have seen it when it came out, you might’ve seen it on TV sometime. The premise was that programs are alive inside the computers and when a programmer is disintegrated and scanned into the computer by an evil AI he finds himself fighting alongside a rebel program called Tron. The graphics were really spectacular for the time, but being computer generatd they have long since become obsolete, and yet since they were so stylized and trying to create a completely fictional world, they still have a lot of charm.

Obviously nowadays it doesn’t take millions of dollars in computer equipment to render a few primitives, so an enterprising programmer (Andreas Umbach) took it on himself to reproduce one of the more impressive set pieces from the movie, the light bike battles, in which the programs raced high speed motorbikes that turned at right angles, leaving behind solid walls of light against which they had to make their opponents crash.

The reproduction of the movie’s visuals and the feel of the gameplay is spot on, and since it’s freeware and doesn’t require massive processing power, you really have no excuse to try out GLtron