House of the Dead: Overkill

Question: how do you rescue a game franchise from having been subjected to an Uwe Boll adaptation?

Sega had to find the answer to this question for their popular rail shooter zombie franchise, house of the dead, and they seem to have found the answer in those masters of rescuing dying careers, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

No they’re not involved in House of the dead: Overkill, but the influence of their co-authored 2007 gore-masterpiece Grindhouse is pretty clear and blatant (It’s not plagiarism, it’s an homage) directly from the beginning of the trailer.

Trying to make a rail shooter into an actual movie is a trend that seems to have been abandoned ever since they stopped actually filming video with real actors for them as opposed to full 3d, but it looks like the idea has found it’s day in the sun once again.

A must have if you like campy, over the top action movies and gore.House of the Dead: Overkill

House Dead Overkill Hand Cannon Wii

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