Last Scenario

Last scenario is a one man-created freeware RPG made wth RPG Maker


  • 30-40 hours of gameplay
  • Around 40 characters with their own portrait(s)
  • Over 1000 different rooms
  • A collectible board game (where tiles can be traded for items)
  • A ‘spellcard’ system where magic and skills give stat boosts and penalties
  • Plenty of sidequests

The author says:

I like my RPGs to be plot-driven, so that’s more or less what you get. I’ve thrown in some puzzles throughout the game, but I admit I’m not so good at coming up with them. Difficulty is not -that- high, but it’s certainly harder than most RPGs that come out nowadays. When I started, the concept I based it on was to take a really cliched RPG backstory (destined heroes fighting demons etc) and then turn it all around during the game. I hope I succeeded, but at least don’t let the intro text scare you off.



Mirror 1 (thanks hannibal)
Mirror 2 (thanks Teat-à-teat)
Mirror 3 (thanks Anime Schoolgirl)