Metal Gear Solid Rising E3 Debut

Metal Gear Solid Rising E3 Debut.

Kojima is trolling us as usual, so there’s no Solid Snake in the new Metal Gear game, and plenty of Raiden for our sins.

On the other hand at least it’s cyborg Raiden this time rather than naked femme looking Raiden with girlfriend troubles, by the looks of it, so we’ll forgive him this time, like we always does. He does love us, really, he doesn’t mean to hurt us. *sniff*

Anyway, gameplay seems to be focused on the concept of “cutting” with your awesome cyborg super katana, apparently everything in the enviroment or nearly everything is going to be destructible in highly specific ways, which looks like it has the potential for some amusing gameplay moments.

It seems the “controversial” taboo this game was set to break is that of dismemberment, since Raiden is seen turning several enemies into sushi. While the mechanics are new and innovative, the idea of instagibbing an enemy has been around since Quake so I doubt it’s really going to be such a big deal.

Could be wrong though!