Hudson’s Nectaris is one of the greatest military strategy games ever made. It combines simplicity with complexity in ways other games have rarely equalled. There are only twenty three units, but combined with new and refined strategic elements the game allows for surprisingly deep gameplay.

This game was first released on the PC Engine where it sold over two hundred thousand units, and has seen ports to the Playstation, GameBoy, X68000, PC-8801, Japanese cellular phones, and Windows ’95. The original game was so complete only two sequels have been released. Hudson released Neo Nectaris for the PC Engine SuperCD, featuring a handful of new units and a tweaked interface, and a German company released Nectaris for MS-DOS in 1995, which features many new units and two new planets to fight on. A remake was in development by the same German company. Called Nectaris 2000, it was never completed. The Windows ’95 game, which runs fine on Win98 and XP, was released as freeware by Hudson. You can download it right here.