Off Road Velociraptor Safari

The premise of this browser 3d game is simple: You have gone back in time, to harvest velociraptors using your 4×4 jeep, by the simple expedient of running them over then hooking them with a bigass chain that comes out of the back of your car and dragging them over to the time portals. Presumably to feed the fast food joints of the future, much like in the 2000ad comic Flesh

Along the way you can pop wheelies and do all kinds of stunts. Your car is pretty much indestructible even though cosmetic damage does add up and maybe the handling becomes a little harder once you’re banged up.
You miss an option to lose your vehicle and have the raptors turn the tables on their tormentor, maybe in an upcoming version of the game.

The game does ask to download a plugin (unity) before it can be played, but otherwise it’s painless to get smashin’ dinos.  There’s an option to register an username but you can also play as a guest to just get in on the action diretly. Registering lets you keep track of scores and achievements such as stunts and multiple kills.