Overclocked On Caffeine v.1.1 2009-06-26 07:12:00

New Megaten game on the DS (Devil Survivor – you see what they did there and you liked it, yes?) is good. A far cry from the other games released so far, unless you’re one of those freakish obsessives who have played every game in the series (hello!) and recall a largely forgotten/ignored sub-series called Majin Tensei. First things first, despite what you’ve probably heard, it is NOT like The World Ends With You: yes it’s set in and around Shinjuku, yes it features a ‘You must complete this task in X days or you die’ mechanic, but that’s about it. The battles are turn-based strategy RPG-style, there’s about 6 or 7 different paths/storylines/endings with different characters on each one and, sadly, the music really isn’t as good. I know, not much of a surprise considering the WEWY OST was phenominal (it could’ve been 30 remixes of Twister alone and I would’ve been happy) but even compared to the other games in the SMT series it’s not that interesting. I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure neither Shoji Meguro not Kazuma Kanneko were involved in this one. Well worth checking out though, especially since we’re in for another drought on the DS front. Unless you like Let’s Imagine Our Pet Baby Farm Boutique-type games, in which case… well, in which case you probably couldn’t care less anyway, since you’re too busy irritating everyone within earshot with the most irritating mutant baby noises imaginable. They’re called headphones, invest in a fucking pair!

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