Project Antivent – Day One

The Christmas season has just officially started (if you ignore the two or three month lead-up to it) and chances are, you’re already sick of the deluge of carols and songs committing aggravated assault on your eardrums. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve got just the remedy for you! Probably.

Yes, from now until Xmas Day, we here at Overclocked on Caffeine are going to be listing an alternative to the usual crap piped endlessly, in the form of 25 of the best tracks from various games. Sort of a combination advent calender/antidote (hence: Antivent – s’good, innit?) to the Xmas Virus, but with a little extra at the end for those dumb brave enough to follow me all the way to the end.

We get off to a storming start with METHOD_REPLEKIA/ from the criminally unknown and under-appreciated Ar Tonelico 2. The game features characters who use songs to trigger and power their magic attacks, and the track in question is played whenever one of the main characters triggers their most powerful special attack. If ever a song stated clearly and explicitly “You are fucked” then it kicks in, it would be this one. And if that’s not un-Chistmassy, I don’t know what is.

Play it loud, folks!

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