Radical Boy

For a change of pace, instead of a game today I’m going to blog about a webcomic, a game inspired webcomic but still a comic and not a game


Who is radical boy? Well in a nutshell, Radical Boy is what your in game character would be like in your average adventure game if he was directly channeling you, the player – especially if you happen to be a short tempered douchebag. Ever skip boring NPC expository dialogue? Ever make disparaging comments about the game environment or plot, or grouse about jumping puzzles you don’t feel like tackling at this point? Well that’s radical boy right there. Only in this case the other characters have to put up with his abuse directly.

It really is more fun than it sounds like. Honest.

Go read Radical Boy now. (The comics are posted in a blog format so I’ve linked the first one, you should start at the bottom of the page to read them chronologically)