Real Lives

Real Lives, a game by educations simulations is a free to try simulation game which lets you create a person living in the world that we live in, and progress through it’s life year by year, with options and events based on hard real world statistics. Since a vast majority of the world’s population lives in the 3rd world, you probably will be “born” in a poverty stricken country, and will face malnutrition and disease growing up. Family members will die due to preventable causes (Either accidents or political strife), as you grow up you may be involved in political activism that can lead to your imprisonment or death, or you can choose to live a quiet life, or risk emigration to find a better lifeĀ  (Emigration had a tendency to break the game when I last played it, but maybe the newer versions are improved)

If you have a healthy reserve of black humour, Real Lives can be a fun experience, but no matter how callous you can be, it’s always sobering in the end.