Spy party preview


Spy Party is an up and coming new game by Spore’s Chris Hecker with an original and unprecedented game mechanic.

Two players face up in a situation familiar to all from Spy thrillers and movies. The sniper and the spy. A party is in full swing but among the guests is an enemy agent, concealed as a civilian, and carrying out a specific task. The sniper needs to positively identify the enemy spy and take him out. But he only gets one shot, and one chance to get it right.

“SpyParty is an asymmetric multiplayer espionage game, dealing with the subtlety of human behavior, character, personality, and social mores, instead of the usual spy game explosions and car chases.”

The key to the gameplay is a kind of moving realtime turing test. The spy needs to conceal himself among the computer controlled NPCs, while the sniper needs to identify the patterns of movement or actions that reveal which of the partygoers he’s watching through his scope is in fact the rival player.

Graphics are still in rough playtesting mode, since the actual game release is still an estimated 2 years away.

Keep abreast of developments to Spy Party at it’s official page