You awake…

You wonder where you are for a moment. You realize that you’re in a oddly silent city. No cars. No planes. No people. What’s going on?

You realize that you have nothing with you. If you want to live, you’re going to have to survive on your own it appears; until you can find out what is going on. Find food, water, and shelter. How long can you survive in the city alone? Can you escape to the east over the bridges?

You begin to wander a bit, exploring your immediate surroundings, and then you hear something you have never heard before. Something like a crowd of moaning people…

Zomband is a rogue-like game where you must escape a city filled with zombies! Zomband plays like Angband (http://www.thangorodrim.net), with similar controls and symbol conventions.

Just like most rogue-likes, each new game you play is randomly generated, giving you tons of replayability! Go, kill undead, and escape the city!

Click here to download Zomband