Red Dead redemption 2 announced!

check out the trailer for the newly announced Red Dead Redemption 2

Looks like this one is going to be a prequel, bringing back many familiar characters from the first game, including of course John Marston

Beat the rush and preorder now



Titanfall 2 cinematic trailer

Judging from it’s trailer, TitanFall 2 is pulling all the stops when it comes to the single player campaign’s narrative, with a distinctive personality for the player’s Titan Vehicle/companion.



Check out this sweet model kit from Mcfarlane toys (Discontinued so availability is limited!)

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Vanguard Collector’s Edition – PlayStation 4


The last guardian trailer

It’s finally coming out!!

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See Darth Vader fuck you up in the new Star Wars: Battlefront game


Mirror’s edge Catalyst gameplay trailer

Looking sweet, though it doesn’t look like a prequel with all that flashy tech on screen, now does it?


Metal Gear solid V: Phantom Pain E3 gameplay demo

The baloon extraction mechanic is goofy as hell but damn have the games become intrincate.


Mirror’s edge returns!

Faith is back!


Starr Mazer


French animator Jeremie Perin makes a homage tribute to old school shot ’em ups and graphical adventures.


Ghost in the Shell videogame announced


Check out some gameplay footage. Seems to be a squad based fps.


OVerwatch, new team shooter from Blizzard

Blizzard is giving their own spin to team fortress with Overwatch, a very slick looking fps team combat game that has wowed people with it’s cool character designs and animation.

You can signup to the open beta here

If you just enjoy the animation, check out the cinematic trailer for some sweet pixar-level animation here