Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Video Game

Scott Pilgrim was never my favorite, but I loved Paul Robertson animations and it’s wonderful to see them used in a game that allows him to show off his creativity. Read more

Insane Battlefield 1942

This is insane. He leaps from his Zero and then falls, firing a missile launcher at it. It destroyed it. Then he lands on it as it ends looping. Outrageous. Read more

Real Racing HD Gameplay

Although I had never considered the iPad as a gaming platform before, this video shows that it has a lot of potential. The whole ipad acts as a steering wheel for driving simulations and the accelerometers tell it how it... Read more

Mythbusters in the game

These guys test myths and rumors that are found in games, just like on the mythbusters TV series. It’s quite a spectacle to see rocket vaulting, which takes place at around 3:00. Read more

Mass Effect fanfiction

Ghostdancedeluxe’s Femshep has an issue with her overactive imagination. It’s disturbing her crewmates. Read more

Dead Space 2 trailer

Dead Space 2 will ditch the silent protagonist trope. This is a great idea. Valve has backed themselves into a corner by choosing Gordon Freeman as the mute protagonist. This does look more like Mass Effect than deadspace, but we’ll have to... Read more

No friction car madness in GTA IV

One user modified the GTA’s physics to eliminate all friction between car tires. These hilarious results are amazing. Read more

OFFICIAL trailer 2011 Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange is the antagonist in this new trailer for Batman: Arkham City. This is a cutscene that gives no clues to the gameplay, but it’s very nice and well-made. Read more